Eddy Current Systems

Retina now offers Eddy Current

Retina Systems now offers Eddy Current Inspection Systems to compliment our industry leading Turnkey Vision Systems and cost efficient Laser Sorters. Available as stand-alone or linked with our 300 Series Vision Systems or 100 Series Laser Sorters, our Eddy Current System enhances our capabilities with material hardness inspection.




When you choose Retina, we guarantee our detailed application analysis, testing, and experience will deliver a COMPLETE INSPECTION SOLUTION with 100%, zero defect capability designed with every dimension of your product taken into consideration.
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Business is built on trust. Every quality promise, every delivery commitment represents an opportunity to build or break that trust. Retina Systems helps customers define, make, and keep operational promises and build long-term trust with their customers. At Retina, we do it with people, processes, products, and proof. Retina closed loop inspection systems and applications will deliver “Zero Defects” part inspection for defined attributes and real-time information to ensure process control, reduced scrap, de- creased downtime, and no returned shipments. Our systems are designed to perform 100% inspection, 24 hours, 7 days a week. Quite simply, we’re in the business of helping our customers build trust, operational efficiency, and a competitive advantage.

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