Inspection Systems for Quality Control

Turnkey Vision Inspection Systems

Retina Vision Inspection Systems are state of the art turnkey inspection systems designed to provide high value quality assurance and process control. They are the ideal solution for high resolution, 100% part inspection of in-process sorting and gauging operations at production speeds. They are capable of simultaneously making multiple attribute inspections and surface flaw analysis of each field of view as well as real-time image enhancements. Retina vision systems have broad application and are widely used to inspect multiple attribute verification, thread sorting, crack/void detection, color sorting, surface finish detection and more.

Laser Inspection and Fastener Applications

Retina Laser Inspection Systems automatically inspect nuts, washers, screws, bolts and specialty fasteners for a variety of attributes including size, mix, threads, bore chips and more. It performs high-speed, non-contact inspection without moving parts for maximum dependability. They are available as a turnkey system or supplied for integration with existing processes and provide 100% sorting capability.

Packaging Options

Retina offers both smart conveyor and over/under packaging systems. Each packaging option can easily be integrated with any Retina turnkey inspection system. Retina can also integrate and “hand-shake” with your own packaging line.

Eddy Current Inspection Systems

Retina Eddy Current Inspection Systems provide the ability to sort for cracked product, as well as hard and soft product based on boundary samples of each. Our Eddy Current solution is available as stand-alone or can link with our vision and laser options.

Remote Access

Retina is now able to obtain images, stored data, and control the operating system via the internet real-time, ANYWHERE in the world. Customer support and service is very important to Retina and this enables us to respond quicker and more efficiently and effectively than ever. We understand what downtime means to you and in an effort to expedite our already responsive customer service team, we are proudly offer Remote Access.