The Retina Solution

Since 1987, Retina Systems personnel have provided non-contact, automated turnkey inspection solutions, packaging systems, application expertise, service and support. We provide the industry’s only statistically certified inspection solution advanced vision technology for 100% inspection including sorting, gauging, attribute verification, surface flaw analysis and crack detection. When you can’t compromise what you put in your box, there is only one solution- Retina’s.


With over 15 standard model inspection systems, we have a solution to fit your needs. We use MINITAB statistical software to certify each dimensional inspection, putting you at no-risk to your customers.


With our U.S. patented material handling systems, each part is carried through the entire inspection process. Bad parts are rejected and good parts are ejected and counted into a container of your choice. The system records the exact count of good parts, bad parts, and total parts with rate in parts/minute and reject percentage.


You don’t want to add another bulk process after inspection. Retina’s automated packaging conveyors and baggers should be added inline with your system to eliminate any potential contamination associated with bulk packaging.


Monitoring Operations and Reporting Efficiencies (M.O.R.E Reporting) comes standard on all Retina Vision Systems. Our systems give management the production data they want to track and predict throughput and system efficiencies for your LEAN and Six Sigma programs.