Engineered Inspection

Ideal solution for high resolution,
100% part inspection at production speeds.

We’ve worked with companies of all sizes

Vision Systems

• Traditional matrix or surface line scan cameras
• Format options up to 25 megapixel with resolution approaching the micron level
• Standard and custom application-specific lensing and lighting for repeatable imaging
• Dimensional inspections and surface flaw analysis
• Complete in-house vision and software applications team

Eddy Current

• Eddy Current stand-alone inspection systems
• Integrations to our industry-leading Turnkey Vision Systems
• Material hardness verification
• Material sorting
• Cracked part detection

Engineered Material Handling

• Continuous motion glass or pocketed dial  
• Conveyors
• Part rotation stations
• Walking beam or cross-motion shuttle
• Robot
Parts are carried through the entire inspection process.

Pick Your Part

Cold forming, screw machining, plastic injection, stamping, turning, drawing. Whatever your process, Retina has years of experience with defect modes associated with manufacturing. Practical inspection solutions built for a production environment.

Built for Today,
for Tomorrow

We design each inspection system to be upgradeable to better handle the uncertain future. We use standard vision modules and never-compromising technology to ensure that upgrades to our inspection systems are performed at only a fraction of the cost of installing a new machine.

Free application analysis.

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